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Pentecost 2024, 2025 and further

View below the dates for (among others) Pentecost 2024 and Pentecost 2025.
You can also see on which day the holiday falls and how many days it is until this holiday.

DateHolidayDayWeek numberDays to go
May 28, 2023 Pentecost 2023 Sunday 22 -
May 19, 2024 Pentecost 2024 Sunday 21 356
June 8, 2025 Pentecost 2025 Sunday 24 741
May 24, 2026 Pentecost 2026 Sunday 22 1091
May 16, 2027 Pentecost 2027 Sunday 20 1448
June 4, 2028 Pentecost 2028 Sunday 23 1833
May 20, 2029 Pentecost 2029 Sunday 21 2183
June 9, 2030 Pentecost 2030 Sunday 24 2568
June 1, 2031 Pentecost 2031 Sunday 23 2925
May 16, 2032 Pentecost 2032 Sunday 21 3275
June 5, 2033 Pentecost 2033 Sunday 23 3660

Significance of Pentecost 2024

Pentecost, also known as White Sunday, is a religious holiday that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus Christ and also recognizes the day that the church was established.

History of Pentecost

Pentecost is the Jewish Festival of Weeks, which can be found in the Hebrew Bible. Shavuot called the Festival of Weeks and is also called the Festival of Reaping or harvest. Jews traditionally read the Book of Ruth at Pentecost as the story links with the grain harvest theme of the festival. Pentecost 2024, as a Christian feast, dates back to the first century. It occurs 50 days after Easter Sunday and falls on the ancient Jewish festival called the "feast of weeks".

In the New Testament, Pentecost was the occasion of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ and therefore became a feast commemorating this occasion. The English word "Pentecost" is a translation of the Greek word pentekostos, which means "fifty".

It comes from the ancient Christian expression pentekoste hemera, which means fiftieth day (therefore applicable to the 50 days after the Resurrection of Christ). But Christians did not invent the phrase "fiftieth day". Rather, they borrowed it from Greek-speaking Jews who used the phrase to refer to a Jewish holiday.

Traditions of Pentecost

Across denominational lines, Pentecost 2024 has been an opportunity for Christians to honour the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and celebrate the birth of the church. The traditions differ between church dominations, with some celebrating the holiday more significantly than others.

Some churches decorate their churches with the colour red to represent the "power and fire of the Spirit". Churches often welcome new members or confirm existing members on Pentecost through baptisms and confirmations, and somewhat explains why some refer to the day as "White Sunday" in reference to the white clothing commonly worn for baptism. Additionally there are religious (church) services, Festive meals, Processions and Ordinations.

When is Pentecost 2024

Pentecost always occurs seven weeks after Easter Sunday; therefore 50 days after Easter (inclusive of Easter Day). In other words, it falls on the eighth Sunday (counting Easter Day). To find the next Pentecost holiday dates, consult the above table.
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